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Original Mini Portable Printer

AED350.00 AED450.00

Instantly Print Labels For Anything
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Proper organization can make your daily routine fastereasier, and less stressful!
This product Is The Fastest Way to Label Anything From Spices, Drawers, Clothes, Notebooks, Containers, and many more.
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If you love organizing, you’ll love This product!
Label and organize to your heart’s content with fully customizable, on demand labels!
Print labels straight from your smartphone using our incredibly easy to use app.
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Say goodbye to plain, old, boring white labels. Designed to be washed, labels will not fade, tear, nor damage your items and can be easily peeled off leaving no residue behind.
downloadThis Label Printer can give you fast, straightforward and predictable label printing.
Using thermal paper means you never have to worry about refilling ink or toner.
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Choose any font style, size, language, or symbol & print. Straight from your device!


✔️ Easy Use

✔️ Rechargeable Battery

✔️ Fully Customize Labels


✔️ Portable