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Do you have dry skin, poor sleep and frequent loss of concentration?
هل تعانين من جفاف الجلد وقلة النوم وفقدان التركيز بشكل متكرر؟

  • Air Humidifier by Brandstored™ is a new generation humidifier, which, in addition to its main tasks, is also able to give an incomparable feeling of warmth and comfort to your beautiful home!
  • Minimalistic Nordic design and compact size, suitable for any room.
  • Provides moisture necessary for health, moisturizes the skin.

Bring the campfire atmosphere to your room
اجلب جو نار المخيم إلى غرفتك

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It’s very easy to use!

  • Just open the lid, pour some water inside the container. You won’t need much, as the device is very economical and consumes only 20 ml\h.
  • Add 2-3 drops of an essential oil of your choice and in addition to the warm and pleasant flame effect, you can fill your home with a wonderful aroma that is also will be good for health.
  • Just turn on the humidifier and enjoy!

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