Clothes Dryer Portable Travel Mini dryer machine,Portable dryer for apartments,New Generation Electric Clothes Drying

AED299.00 AED500.00

Product description

When it rains, winter or the climate is humid, this dryer can help
you solve several problems such as drying clothes, drying shoes,
sheets, baby clothes, etc. within 20 minutes to 1 hour. Small size,
portable, foldable, easy to disassemble, easy to use!
Suggested air-drying time for some clothes: It depends on the
thickness of the clothes and the degree of dryness. The following
is the time for drying:
Underwear, shirts, T-shirts-30~60 minutes
Suits, trousers—50~90 minutes
Jeans, jackets, etc.—–80~120 minutes
Note: 1. The function of the clothes dryer is an emergency. It is
not recommended to put undehydrated clothes in for drying
during use, as the drying effect is not very good and takes a long
2. When using the dryer, the fabric at the air outlet must be
arranged smoothly and smoothly without knotting, twisting or
clogging, otherwise the machine head will overheat and stop due
to poor air outlet, which will affect the service life of the machine.
The machine head is equipped with a temperature protection
switch. If the machine head is overheated due to improper
operation, it will automatically cut off the power supply, and it can
work normally after cooling.
Mechanical rotating timing design, easy to use, 180 minutes
timing range, let you dry clothes without waiting.
Product structure:
1. Host
2. 2 brackets
3, 6 stainless steel pipe
4. Fireproof cloth cover
5. Storage bag

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