Hand Fan Handheld Misting USB Fan, Rechargeable Personal Portable Fan, 2000mAh

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Hand Fan Handheld Misting USB Fan, Rechargeable Personal Portable Fan, 2000mAh

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  1. bill sloper

    It does every thing it says. Would recommend it

    It was better than expected, the price was good

    bill sloper

  2. Bill Wright

    Excellent ..

    A Strong Variable Speed Fan which I actually use on stage (Attached to Mic Stand) to keep me cool when performing songs ..

    Bill Wright

  3. David Harland

    Excellent fan

    This fan is powerful for its size. Also the water mist is fantastic. I would highly recommend this. Charges up quickly too.

    David Harland


    It’s brilliant

    I Just love it. It has kept me cool all Summer. There are 3 different speeds and the water spray is great. I have seen a few other fans but this one is by far the best. However when you use the stronger speeds it does get noisier and you have to go through all 3 speeds before it goes off. I can use it on the trains and the little stand makes it perfect for a desk fan too. Definitely worth buying. We have recommended it to other people too


  5. Lamazon

    Ottimo per rinfrescarsi

    Consegna puntuale. Design elegante. Ventilatore di materiale leggero, ma fa il suo dovere egregiamente. Pratico e di facile utilizzo. Io aggiungo anche qualche goccia di olio essenziale di eucalipto nell’acqua e oltre a fare da ventilatore diventa anche un ottimo nebulizzatore rinfrescante e profumato. L’effetto luce LED che cambia colore gentilmente è la ciliegina sulla torta: effetto cromoterapia. Per me è perfetto. Il prezzo è adeguato alle caratteristiche del prodotto. Prodotto consegnato come in immagine e corrispondente alla descrizione. Lo consiglio come acquisto per rilassarsi e tenersi freschi durante le giornate più calde.


  6. Antonello

    Fa bene il suo lavoro

    Sorprendentemente potente!!in sono un tipo caloroso e non ho mai sentito la necessità di impostarlo alla 3 velocità,con l’aiuto della nebulizzazione (caricato con acqua fredda di frigo)diventa davvero un toccasana.preso a 15€ in offerta,prezzo onesto.spedizione in 48 ore.


  7. Raminder Dadral

    Hand Fan

    When I bought this it was very good, after a week of using it, the fan keeps stopping even though it is fully charged. Otherwise a great fan.

    Raminder Dadral

  8. Patricia Dye

    Battery has lasted very well

    Can’t find socket in fan to charge it?

    Patricia Dye

  9. Violeta Zvikaite


    Battery life is very long, love it

    Violeta Zvikaite

  10. rich

    Wow what a great piece of kit!

    I cant believe how good this thing really is! Seriously, it is fantastic, get one & don’t look back…..It sprays a really fine mist out into your face, not one that soaks you but one that is so light its refreshing & coupled with the 3 speed fan behind the mist, when it’s boiling hot, which it is right now, this thing really does the job! its beautiful it really is… You can either just have the fan on with a choice of 3 speeds & speed 3 is really powerful, its not weak like you might think…. But when you then turn the mist on, omg the air suddenly feels ice cold & its fantastic! It also has an led light in it which gently changes from numerous colours just to add a little effect which is actually rather nice, i cant big it up enough.. Plus its very well made & can be angled in 3 different ways, standing upright, the handle folds so that it can be rested down & it has anti slip pads built in, plus it comes with a little metal stand that clips in for another position, it also comes with a filling bottle & i’m going to use mine in my car as my aircon isn’t working & being stuck in the traffic in this heat is a nightmare! but not anymore 😉

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  11. Mr. S. Heywood

    charging connection unreliable

    This fan has proved to be really useful since purchased in Jan 21. However, the small power connection in the handle has become very unreliable and therefore charging is a very hit and miss affair. Even with trying different compatible charging leads we have to gently wiggle the connector until the charging light comes on. Getting it to stay on is a challenge. Some kind of intermittent contact failure occurs inside the handle. So, if you buy this, don’t throw away or lose the guarantee like we did. The multicolour light feature and the misting feature are not ones we have exercised. The 3 speed fan feature is great. Quieter than most too.

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    Mr. S. Heywood

  12. M. Smith

    Best personal fan ever!

    Best personal fan ever – and I’ve tried a few! Control button takes a little getting used to, but well worth the perseverence.

    M. Smith

  13. maria

    Hand held mist

    I love the handheld misting fan when the mist is in it feels like you have air conditioning on I use at work and home due to the weather but my house is always hot so mostly at home.


  14. D Spencer

    Great for summer holidays

    Works really well, very powerful fan, the water mist function could be better

    D Spencer

  15. Islandgirl

    Nice and refreshing

    Mice and refreshing


  16. Denise


    The connector in the handle is a bit iffy and when charging the handle gets extremely hot so does the plug that goes into the wall which the lead go’s into also gets very hot and during charging was making a noise.So please think twice about getting this fan.


  17. Elz

    Money well spent!

    This fan is FANtastic! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) I bought it after the bout of hot weather, where I thought I would pass out from heat exhaustion at work. It cools you down instantly and I highly recommend it for ladies of a certain age, such as myself, who suffer from the dreaded hot flashes!


  18. Javi

    Verano portátil.

    Ventilador de mano. Las instrucciones no son muy buenas pero el uso no requiere mucho.El tapón de agua es flojo. No se cuantos depósitos podrá aguantar. La Luz es un puntazo.


  19. Esther Amonoo-Boison

    The switch on and off button is not appropriate

    I dislike the switch

    Esther Amonoo-Boison

  20. Mr. P. E. Woodward

    Great little misting fan

    great little gadget and the water tank feature which delivers a fine mist helps cool me down in hot conditions,I love this little fan and took it on recent holiday, standing around in hot weather with lots of bothered holiday makers I was the envy of all with my portable misting fan, also great in hotel room before the air conditioning kicks in!

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    Mr. P. E. Woodward

  21. Khushal

    Life saver in this Heat!

    Literally like a mini AC unit. The water feature really helps keep the air cool. Best thing during the heatwave!


  22. Rom

    Works well

    I ordered two of these fans, one in white and one in blue. The white one works amazing well…. surprisingly strong for a small handheld unit.But the blue one is having issues, hence 4/5 stars. I’ve tried to charge it for a few hours and the LED light indicates it’s charging. When I press the power button the LED light in the fan area lights up red and nothing else.Hopefully I can get a replacement for the blue unit. I’ll update this when I get this (hopefully) resolved.

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  23. Pamela Coleman

    I use this alot due to health and breathing problems. Fabulous ordered again

    Fantastic product, good service

    Pamela Coleman

  24. Miss Emma D

    Fab fab fab!

    Such a handy little fan that’s so powerful!

    Miss Emma D

  25. jane pilbeam


    Very cool

    jane pilbeam

  26. Blackknight

    Quite noisy

    This little hand held fan has good power on the top setting but is very noisy , on the lower power it is quieter but very little draught . As far as the water spray is concerned , you can hardly feel it , it is too fine a spray . I know you do not want a spray that will soak you lol but to me this spray is just a bit too fine . If you want a handheld fan that that has the power to cool your face down , then this would be very good but it is noisy .I have another fan with similar power and it is virtually silent even on its top power setting but it does not have a spray .

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  27. susie jo

    Perfect for women of a certain age!

    Just love this; perfect for my hot flushes!

    susie jo

  28. S.R. Calder


    Fantastic tool/toy…handy and easy to use..absolutely love it…Should have bought it at the beginning of summer…

    S.R. Calder

  29. Tracey G

    Great Fan

    Really good versatile fan. Use alot on poolside

    Tracey G

  30. Andrew B.

    Quite powerful for the size

    Quite powerful for the size. Fan needs to be close when using the most. Read the instructions for ease of use.Very good fan would buy again.

    Andrew B.

  31. Jo Sandy

    A must have

    A must have. Powerful fan and the water mist is great.

    Jo Sandy

  32. Ms Dee

    Nice looking effective little fan

    Unsure if battery life as I haven’t started using it.

    Ms Dee

  33. Daryl Benham


    It’s best fan i have ever had i take it everywhere

    Daryl Benham

  34. john h

    Easy to use

    Brought for a friend,she said it really good.

    john h

  35. Nidah

    Did not work

    Did not charge really bad as had taken this on holiday for mother to do pilgrimage – disappointed.


  36. Nadia

    Long battery and great features

    Amazing and saving us this hot summer!


  37. Louu

    Really happy

    Really impressed with it. I couldn’t get it to turn of the light. Love the different speed settings having used the water part yet


  38. Juan

    No está mal, pero no es lo que esperaba

    El nebulizador suelta un hilillo de agua, no se nota nada y cuando pones el ventilador entonces si que ni se aprecia, si lo compráis por el nebulizador no merece la pena, me siento decepcionado por eso, por otra parte funciona bien el ventilador si lo quieres por ejemplo para estar con tu pc y tener algo de fresquito al lado en la cara


  39. Lashes

    Best Fan ever

    Love this fan easy to use purchased to keep dogs cool in van. This works perfect & they love it. Very easy to carry around also.


  40. mandysheila

    Such a hand fan for the handbag

    This is so versatile you can take it anywhere


  41. Claude M.

    Vraiment pas mal mais trop cher !

    Voici un ventilateur brumisateur sympa qui a l’avantage d’être assez léger et peu encombrant tout en étant assez efficace. Le brumisateur rafraîchit et est d’autant plus efficace lorsqu’on active le ventilo en même temps. 3 vitesses permettent de plus ou moins se rafraîchir, le tout ne faisant pas un bruit excessif. Les diodes de couleurs ne servent pas à grand chose et je retire une étoile car je trouve le prix exagéré au vu du produit proposé.

    Claude M.

  42. Juan

    Pequeño pero maton

    Buena potencia incluso en el nivel medio.El agua pulverizada refresca mucho sobre todo si la poneemos fria, la pena es que el tamque de agua da para 40 min. aprox.


  43. FourLeggedGinger

    Very effective little fan. A great relief on a hot day.

    Very effective device. It is lightweight so easy to hold. It can also stand on its own. The fan does a great job of cooling you down and I’ve only needed to use it on the low setting. The mist is refreshing, just watching it leave the fan towards you makes you feel cooler. It seems to hold its battery power too. I have been recharging it once a day. My only complaint is the single button to control everything, which means you have to cycle through the different speeds just to turn it off. In conclusion, on a hot summers day this fan does the trick. Recommended.


  44. patricia

    Handy to carry around on a hot day

    This fan is amazing.it’s effective and very quiet to use


  45. gwen hilton

    Easy to use.

    The product arrived on time for me to take on holiday and was a treat to use, it kept me cool in the hot weather, really is worth having.

    gwen hilton

  46. We Do Functions

    Super Cool

    Bought this for my daughter to take to West Africa. She informed me was very lightweight yet powerful.A few days later she messaged me about the Airton feature which she said was excellent and I should buy one for myself when when summer arrives

    We Do Functions

  47. Jennifer Kate

    Pleasantly surprised

    This fan, upon opening, looked like cheap rubbish. I didn’t have high expectations. The power on it though is magnificent and it comes with a little stand so you can prop it up. The water chamber isn’t very big so it doesn’t last long and I don’t use the flashing lights but the fan function is really great. Against all the odds, I would recommend

    Jennifer Kate

  48. purplebabe


    For such a small thing it’s quite powerful in all settings. Cooling shot is the best thing ever, it actually makes a difference and pretty neons. Only thing, can’t figure out how to attach the pinch cock yet!


  49. Uthman

    quick, easy , sufficient

    very good battery life it lasts for a week and very easy to use but air is very warm not very cold


  50. Yvonne

    Nice little fan, Good value for money

    Good value for money, love it


  51. I. J. Elliott

    Highly recommended in the heat

    This handheld fan really came into its own during the UKs hot spell. We don’t have aircon in work so I had this on my desk all day on a charge (I didn’t have the mist function on much during the day, just now and again) and it did the trick and made work bearable. Highly recommend – great even when not using the mist function.

    I. J. Elliott

  52. PacMan

    Fidèle compagnon de canicule!

    Objet très pratique et efficace, dans un océan de gadgets inutiles! Le brumisateur permet de rafraichir nettement le flux d’air, même si le réservoir est à recharger souvent. En revanche, étanchéité parfaite: aucune fuite, tout au plus 2 goutes à la sortie une fois le réservoir vidé, mais c’est physiquement inévitable.Le ventilateur lui même n’est pas totalement compact, mais si on veut un peu de vent, il faut quand même un minimum de taille, et il “fait le job”!Une fonctionnalité fun mais totalement inutile: la lumière led!Au final, je m’attendais à un produit basique de qualité médiocre. Eh bien non: bonne suprise, bienvenue durant la canicule!


  53. Nia

    The BEST

    I our based this for the dreaded daily commute to and from work. You know you get those selfish people on the train n that cover the window with their sweaty backs. Well with this beauty has saved me and my makeup everyday during a heatwave and also was the star during my office summer party. I personally don’t add water to it. The fan is enough for my needs. Charges with USB. And lasts a long time.


  54. Richard


    Served it’s purpose of helping me through my holiday, all the instructions were clear. It has a light on the mist as well. Which can help during darkness.


  55. Leeant77

    Great value

    Bit bulky but does what it says on the tin. Great value


  56. Annette

    Best purchase!

    This is a very sturdy fan. 3 speeds. It can be hand held of adjusted to sit on a surface. I ended up replaced my bedside fan with this one! Best purchase in a long time.


  57. Cliente Amazon

    Ventilatore portatile

    Questo ventilatorino è favoloso per i giorni di afa: oltre ad avere 3 velocità, riempiendo il serbatoio di acqua si può avere sia aria rinfrescata sia un getto continuo di vapore freddo che sul viso è un vero toccasana. Unica piccola pecca, è un po’ rumoroso, ma si può sopportare. Io me lo porto sempre dietro perchè sta in borsetta. Si può tenere comodamente in mano, in più la manopola si piega e fa da piedistallo. Tocco simpatico, da spento si può selezionare un’opzione con la quale un led emana luci che cambiano continuamente colore. Consigliatissimo.

    Cliente Amazon

  58. Ayimuel Kimpiam


    Battery life

    Ayimuel Kimpiam

  59. dennis locking

    Small effective fan with mist effect.

    dennis locking

  60. B3cks

    Great little fan

    Bought this doing the heat wave and 32 week pregnant was amazing. Going to be going in my hospital bag. My mum has now purchased one too and said it was Brillant with keeping her cool when temps increased while she was in Spain


  61. L. Fenwick

    Works well strong breeze

    Does what it says very powerful for a handheld fan love the stand as I use this at night on my bedside table would recommend

    L. Fenwick

  62. Sylvia Meade

    Thanks you

    Thanks you we love if so much Amazing xxx

    Sylvia Meade

  63. Miss Anita

    My portable air conditioner ❤️

    So happy with my fan. It’s like carrying portable air conditioning with me especially when on the busy underground. So many people have asked me where to get one

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    Miss Anita

  64. k mcdonald

    Air conditioning

    Its like air conditioning in your hand,GET ONE NOW!!!!!

    k mcdonald

  65. Jacqueline

    Fantastic worth every penny

    Fantastic quality product – glad I paid the extra for something so well made. Mist is super. Three settings and powerful – this will definitely cool us down in Florida. Lights a fun extra. Nice and compact, folds in half.


  66. Cee816

    Buy now!

    Loved it so much I brought another one for a family member! It’s easy to use and charges within 2-3 hours. Works in heatwaves and the mist is so refreshing!


  67. james


    Excellent device


  68. Froggie

    Saved us during the hot spells this summer – works brilliantly

    This was amazing during the hot days this summer when it was so stifling you felt you could hardly breathe. Home-working in a loft, was like working in a dry sauna. This little fan, worked tirelessly through those days and could either rest independently on the desk aimed up at my face or I could pick it up and hold it. The fine water mist makes it fell like a real breath of fresh air. This was brilliant and I would highly recommend. Water section was really easy to fill and USB charging gave good usage time each charge.


  69. abdul mukith

    Life saver

    Really useful kids love it

    abdul mukith

  70. Sue B.

    So helpful in the heatwave

    I stand this small fan on my bedside table and it makes the hot nights more bearable. Its fairly quiet, and becomes “white noise” so does not hinder sleep. Well worth the money. Wouldn’t be without it.

    Sue B.

  71. Cliente Amazon

    Ojo, si cambia el color cambia el tamaño

    Después de comprar 3 verdes, he pedido el azul pensando que era igual y resulta que es más pequeño

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    Cliente Amazon

  72. Patricia C.

    Brilliant! Love this fan!

    I love this! I have tried various other fans for my hot flushes but they have not been powerful enough. This one is though, and the misting addition is genius and it really doesn’t get you wet so no damp hair worries!

    Patricia C.

  73. Kindo106

    Well worth buying one..

    We all like using it.. Really powerful..


  74. Cliente Amazon

    Ci vorrebbe un qualcosa che avvisi quando si sta scaricando la batteria.

    Mi è piaciuto, è comodo e fa un bel vento. Certo un po’ ingombrante nella borsa ma nn rinuncio a portarmelo con questo caldo asfissiante. Nn si capisce quando la batteria è scarica e quindi si rischia di portarselo dietro e dopo un po’ è scarico.

    Cliente Amazon

  75. Ian hadley


    Lovely lightweight fan

    Ian hadley

  76. Charlie

    It’s already broken

    I did love it but less than 2 months of use and the wirings gone faulty. Poor design? Just got a bad model? Can’t get hold of seller to see if I can resolve it. Shame as I was suggesting it to all my friends as it was really good

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  77. MFiazA

    Great product

    Great Product


  78. Alina Cristina

    Nice little device

     Happy with it

    31 people found this helpful

    Alina Cristina

  79. Lyn

    3 in 1 feature fan

    Love this fan everyone likes it as well. Pretty colours when spinning and the spray of water feature is an added plus


  80. M. Ansar

    The coolness is unreal

    This is my first handheld mist fan and I’m quite surprised at how it actually is. There are 3 levels of speed and and a water tank for the mist. It really does keep one cool as I’m a a one who suffers from heatstrokes a lot. Great for indoors and don’t ask me about outdoors as I haven’t really tried that yet. Battery life seems reasonable and does hold its own. Did I forget to mention there is changing LED with different changing colour. This device is just wow to summarise it.

    M. Ansar