NEW Xiaomi 12V Portable Tire Air Compressor Smart Digital Tire Pressure Detection Electric Inflator Pump 1S For Car Tyres

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  • Brand Name: ROP
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Item Type: Pumps
  • Item Weight: 0.75kg
  • Item Width: 7.1cm
  • Model Name: MJCQ01QJ
  • Voltage: Air Compressor Pump with LED Light DC12V Pump for Car Motorcycle
  • Plug Type: EU
  • Item Diameter: 8cm
  • Item Height: 4.53cm
  • Item Length: 12.4cm
  • Material Type: Digital Screen Air Compressor Pump with LED Light
  • Model Number: xiaomi mijia digital tire electric inflator pump
  • Gyro: New Arrivals
  • Max Speed: Xiaomi Mijia Tyres Air Pump
  • Official Product: Yes

Official productNewest Xiaomi Mijia Portable Smart Digital Tire Pressure Detection Electric Inflator Pump for Bike Motorcycle Car Football

Older Version(Micro Post charge):


. Digital tire pressure monitoring

. Preset pressure is charged and stopped

. Built-in lithium battery

. Compatible with a variety of nozzles

. Small and portable, no worries

. Powerful, multi-purpose



. Storage temperature: -10 ° C -45 ° C

. Product size: 124x71x45.3mm (without air pipe)

. Product model: MJCQ01QJ

. Charging interface: Micro-USB

. Inflation pressure range: 0.2-10.3bar/3-150psi

. Charging parameters: 5V-2A

. Battery capacity: 2000mAh (14.8Wh)

. Sensor accuracy: ±2psi

. Working noise: noise less than 80dB from 1 meter

. Operating humidity: charging 0 ° C -45 ° C, discharge -10 ° C -45 ° C

. Tracheal size: tracheal pull-out length 180mm, including nozzle (without thread) adapter

. Charging time: less than 3 hours

Inflate up to 150 PSI:provides 150 PSI maximum inflation pressure, can fully fast inflating a flat bicycle tire in 45s-75s to 5kg-7kg, car tire in 5-8 minutes from 0 to 230 KPA.

Auto Shutoff function:stops when the preset pressure is reached.

Portable &Compactdesignsmallenoughtobetakenwithyou and be placed in a suitcase or backpack.

Digital LCD display:with large and clear LCD digital display , you’ll have proper visibility in any condition.

Bright LED light:helps you see clearly in emergency situations at night, also useful for inflating at night, repairing in dark or walking at night.

Digital tire pressure monitor:monitors tire pressure at any time, rules out safety hazards, and responds quickly to unexpected situations

Built-in lithium battery:comes with a powerful 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, that can be used as a power bank for android and iOS devices or digital equipment.

Compatible with a variety of nozzles:French air nozzle adapter x1, Gas needle x1

Powerful, multi-purpose:suitable for a variety of items to inflating, like pro-bike tires, home use car tires, motorcycle tires, electric bicycle tires, balls, swimming rings, inflatable toys and other inflatables. Saving your energy and time. Make easy life.

Package Contents:

Inflatable treasure x1,

French air nozzle adapter x1,

Gas needle x1,

Charging cable x1,

Storage bag x1,

Manual x1

Mi Portable Electric Air Pump

Portable pump

Digital display. Automatic pumping cut-off. Built-in battery. Compatible with many nozzles.

Challenge yourself, drive without limits

No worries about low pressure

The highly precise fit, thanks to the cylindrical design, allows air pressure up to 150psi to be pumped. This is enough power to inflate the tires in the car.

Cheap operation

Safely test the pressure before each route

Irregular tire pressure can damage the tread or cause an accident, leading to unnecessary costs for the user. With the Mi ultraportable air pump, tire pressure will always be under your strict control.

Complete freedom

Compatible with motorcycle tires

Always ready to go. The pump does not require an external power supply, making it ideal for even the longest routes.

Enjoyable game

Let technology come into play

Automatically inflate the balls to the perfect level. Enjoy complete freedom.

Baffle design, safe and durable

The original design of the body dissipates heat, and the anti-shock pad eliminates vibration of the working cylinder and protects against battery damage, ensuring better device life.

LED lighting

The pump is equipped with a LED diode, the perfect accessory for any night travel.

Universal interface

Thanks to the use of a micro-USB connector, the pump is compatible with most smartphone chargers.

Rigorous testing. Durable quality.

1S New Version(TYPE-C Port Charge):

Compared with the old Mijia inflatable treasure

Inflatable battery life increased by about 45.4%, Can replace about 8 tires.

Gas flow rate increased by about 114%

High-precision cylinder can be charged up to 150psi

The air pressure sensor upgraded to a digital chip, the tire pressure detection accuracy is increased to ±1psi*, the error is smaller, there is no need to rely on the foot to repeatedly check whether it is full.

The preset pressure is fully charged and stops immediately, saving effort and worry.

5 modes are free to switch elders use no barriers.

Built-in lithium battery to get rid of wires.

Lightweight, portable and easy to store.

Product Details

*Built-in lighting, convenient and easy to use LED lighting, free operation at night; SOs flashes to cope with emergencies.

*The dynamic and static compartments are safe and comfortable.The mechanical system and the battery system are divided into compartments, taking into account excellent heat dissipation.

*The air pipe switch can avoid accidental touch and place it in a shocking environment, and it will not accidentally cause it to turn on.

*Lifting and inflating, do not pick the position of the trachea to resist tension, do not need to move the car, the air nozzle can be inflated anywhere.

Eight rigorous tests* provide durable quality

-Overpressure protection function test

-Trachea tensile strength test

-Electric strength test

-Low temperature cold bending test of trachea

-Free drop test

-Continuous working hours test

-Compression test

-High/low temperature charging test

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