Original Xiaomi Sweeping and Mopping 2 in 1 Handheld Water Spraying STERILIZING Mop Floor Cleaner


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10 in stock

Sweeping and Mopping 2 in 1 Handheld Water Spraying STERILIZING Mop Floor Cleaner

Mop capable of sweeping Sweep the floor without dust, mop the floor without dirty water Wide mouth quick sweep | slightly wet without water stains | polishing mop | disinfectant can be added

الخصائص الرئيسية:

● تنظيف عدم الاتصال ، كبعيدا عن التلوث
● 2 في 1 مكنسة + ممسحة رش ، يمكن إضافة مطهر
● مدخل تدفق عريض 170 مم ، هعاصي للتعامل مع الغبار الكبير
● تبلغ سعة صندوق الغبار 230 مل ، يد خالية من الغبار بلمسة واحدة
● فك الدواسة الإضافية ، نo بحاجة إلى الانحناء
● مضخة التفتيت الداعمة ، دخرقة وجافة بدون بقع الماء
● يصبح نطاق الرش عريض الزاوية 110 سم على شكل مروحة أوسع ، ويصبح التنظيف أسرع
● 280 مل احتياطي مياه ، دخرقة 100㎡ من الفضاء مرة أخرى
● رأس دوار ، يمكن تدويره 140 درجة يسارًا ويمينًا و 90 درجة لأعلى ولأسفل


Every time you clean you may be in contact with the source of the pollution Every time you clean, you may be in contact with the pollution source. Every time you sweep the floor, the raised dust may be scattered on your skin. Every time you clean up the garbage, your hands may directly touch the garbage. Possibility of secondary pollution to the ground … Every time you clean, you will inevitably come into contact with the source of the pollution.


Non-contact cleaning keep away from pollution and keep dust out of your hands. Try Delmarto’s sweeper and mop all-in-one machine. The sweeper and spray mop can be easily changed to make cleaning as easy as walking. Just push the sweeper and sweep. Collect garbage and disinfect the ground while mopping. Every time you clean, your hands do not need to directly contact the pollution source, so that hygiene is no longer dirty.


170mm wide flow inlet more than enough to deal with large dust debris Redesigned the inlet to a 170mm wide structure, which is enough to deal with all kinds of dust and debris generated in daily life, and accidentally drop the snack residue, fruit shells, paper scraps, etc. on the ground and clean it easily. Can clean all kinds of garbage within 10mm in diameter. It is recommended only for cleaning dry garbage.


Large belly anti-leakage box The capacity of the dust box is 230mL, and the belly volume is large, so it does not need to be dumped frequently. Leak-proof and sealed design, locks dust and garbage, and gently opens when dust falls.


Pedal snap-in disassembly without bending and sweeping Easy to pedal, you can install or remove mop, no need to bend down and operate, easy and convenient. With snap design, it can be steadily attracted or easily separated, and it can switch between sweeping and mopping.


Booster atomizing pump water mist is fine Built-in booster atomizing pump, it can atomize for 0.1 seconds in one press, and release fine water mist. Moist mop the floor immediately and dry immediately, without water stain residue, and protect the wooden floor from mildew.


110cm wide-angle fan-shaped splatter Wider range, faster cleaning With a single press, the spray distance of the water mist can reach 110cm, and the coverage area becomes wider, allowing you to spray away the stains one by one, and achieve a large area of cleaning at one time, saving cleaning time



The floor is dirtier than you think Add disinfectant When you go home, bacterial dust on the soles will inevitably pollute the ground. Add disinfectant in the water tank as needed, spray the floor and kill germs and viruses at the same time. The ground is not only bright and clean, but also healthy. Disinfectant should be prepared by yourself and diluted as required. It is recommended to clean it with water after disinfection


For floor / tile / marble Drag away wet and dry stains to restore cleanliness It is suitable for common floors, tiles, marbles, and other floors. It not only removes dust footprints on the ground, but also topples over juices and sauces. It can deal with wet and dry stains, and is clean and beautiful.


Stereo rotatable design Deep into the corner blind area The swivel head, which can be rotated 140 ° left and right and 90 ° up and down, easily bypasses the furniture and penetrates the bottom of the table and bed, sweeping away the dust and trash you neglected and dragging away the deposited dirt.



Body stowed in the corner No land occupation, no clutter Still having a headache and a lot of tools such as broom and mop? Put on Delmardo’s all-in-one sweeper and drag machine, and you can drop it at a corner, without occupying space or clutter, keeping the home simple.


Weight 2200.0 g
Dimensions 370.0 × 170.0 × 1300.0 mm




Plug Type



Hand Held

Cleaning Route

Random Type

Power (W)


Remote Control


Voltage (V)


Timing Reservation




Model Number




Brand Name


Dust Storage Type

Dust Box/Dust Bucket


Wet And Dry

Dust Box Capacity (L)

0.5 L

Battery Life

1 hour and 30 minutes-2 hours

Turbo Brush


Bag Or Bagless


Filter Type


Cord Length (m)


Special Suction Nozzle

Cleaning Brush