XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Push-up Support Board push-up stops Men Women Comprehensive Fitness gym equipment for home Push Up Rack (Black)


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Brand Name: Xiaomi
Function: Body
Teaching Mode: Book
Form: I-shaped Push-up Rack
Model Number: Xiaomi Yunmai Protable Push-up
Release Date: 2020
Control Channels: 7 Channels
Main material: ABS

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214 in stock


Put it into action immediately, inject energy into your muscles

Lightweight and portable, with limited fragmentation time, you can start training by unfolding the stand. Even if it is zero basic, you can also build a strong and strong arm.


Pattern combination play makes boring fitness fun

The Yunmai push-up support is ergonomically designed to strengthen local muscle strength, correct exercise posture, and shape upper limb muscle curves. Four color logos correspond to different parts of the muscle, ten training modes, and multiple combination changes.


Blue / Pectoral muscle, Red / Shoulder muscle, Yellow / Latissimus dorsi, Green / Triceps


Innovative folding design, light and portable

The lightweight ABS material combined with the patented innovative folding design greatly reduces the storage area and overall weight of the stand; the push-up folding stand plate with removable printed handles is convenient for carrying and training. As long as there is a flat ground, the stand can be started to exercise. After using it, it can be folded and locked, and the stand will instantly turn into a compact suitcase, which can be stored at any corner in the home at will.


ABS frame gives you steel-like stable support

Yunmai strictly controls the quality of each component. The ABS body and the POM race steel damping shaft are strongly combined to strengthen the overall structure and further improve the stability, load capacity and service life of the bracket. When you try any kind of push-ups, you can feel the stable support like steel, let you start every exercise experience with peace of mind.


Suitable for a variety of people, easy to master with zero foundation

Multiple mode combinations, novice athletes or fitness enthusiasts, can find a suitable training mode. Zero-based fitness people can choose the easy mode, find the correct power point, correct the exercise posture, and start the challenge gradually from easy to difficult. In addition to being easy to control, advanced fitness people can also exercise targeted muscles to make training more effective.


product details

Color logo, muscle group exercise at a glance Folding design, thin and light, convenient for storage


Handle groove, a pair of handles are easily placed Safety lock, neat, beautiful, safe and reliable Fine-grain frosted, non-slip, stable and comfortable to hold



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