XIAOMI Professional Table Tennis Racket Lightweight Ping Pong Paddle Bat High Elastic Sponge Pure Wood Floor Comfortable Handle


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Size: 156*150mm
Weight: Center Focus (All-round Methods)
Model Number: YD606GP2
Grip Means: Horizontal Grip
Bottom: Pure Wood
Baseboard Layer Number: 7

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Double-sided reverse/high quality wood/enlarged front profile



Swing is flexible, control the ball freely

In the rapid and tense movement on the table, a shot line is changeable, strong rotation AND1 smart table tennis racket, swing is flexible, control the ball freely, hit the ball becomes more simple, let you quickly improve the comprehensive level of ball skills.Tookfun


Increase the front profile design, increase the offensive power

Increase the processing of the head and front profile of the racket, increase the area of the racket face, expand the original racket face, improve the accuracy of hitting, the center of gravity is forward, swing flexibly, feel transparent, increase the attack


High quality pure wood floor, strong and powerful

Select paulownia wood and carbon wood as the core material, force material, enhance the resistance to beating force and not easy to rot double-sided iron knife wood surface material collocation design, so that the bottom plate is strong and powerful, out of the ball speed fast ball eating time is just right



High – particle double – sided reverse adhesive, rapid release of rebound

High particle double-sided reverse adhesive has excellent rotation and rebound performance, which can quickly release the energy storage and deformation of the adhesive itself, so that the contact time can be prolonged without loss of bounce when returning the ball, giving you a sense of steady and fast hitting.


The elasticity of high elastic sponge increases rapidly

The high elastic sponge made of static foaming technology has the advantages of deep ball eating, quick ball return and good directivity, which is conducive to improving the ability to control the ball.


Outstanding details, comfortable grip

Based on the principle of ergonomics, the hand-shaped design can polish the shoulder, reduce the friction between the skin of the hand and the body, and create a comfortable grip.Tookfun


Thickened sponge edge guard to prevent shock, protect the racket more durable

Compared with the traditional silk ribbon, the thickened sponge edge guard has the function of anti-collision and shock buffering, which can effectively protect the edge of the racket from less damage and make it more durable.



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