Zee Painless Hair Removal for Women and Men

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  • Zee Painless Hair Removal is Made of high quality materials, smooth surface, safe and reliable and it can be used with confidence, Zee Painless Hair Removal is perfect for you!
  • Eco-friendly and Reusable: Zee Painless Hair Removal uses nanotechnology that when gently rubbed against the skin, the hair clumps and falls off the surface.
  • Slows Hair Growth: Zee Painless Hair Removal is designed to slow hair regrowth in just a couple of sessions. We recommend usage on dry or damp skin after a shower. Using moderate pressure, simply rub the Zee Painless Hair removal on the desired area in circular motions.
  • Apply to Any Part of the Body: Zee Painless Hair Removal is safe to use on knuckles, arms, legs, chest, and back. However, we suggest not to overuse or rub too hard. If you are sensitive skin, try it on your arms/legs first before you use it on other delicate parts.
  • Zee Painless Hair Removal allows the hairs to clump and break from the surface when rubbed gently on the skin. No refills or recharges are required and it is reusable for up to 3 years. It is a painless physical hair removal and is mild to your skin.
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Discover The Technology Inside 

Zee Painless Hair Removal is using Nano Crystal Technology which allows hair to clump together and fall off the surface when gently rubbed against the skin.

zee painless hair removal

What Our Loving Customers are Saying About Zee Painless Hair Removal

Stunning, I have strawberry skin and the difference is noted 10000, does no harm, fast, dry and above removes dead skin as an exfoliant. You don’t seem to have done the blade any more like how the wax leaves you. It seemed like a lie, but it’s the best hair removal I ‘ve ever had.

zee painless hair removal 2

I am very happy, the parcel arrived quickly without contacting the seller, it works, I recommend it, not expensive and very much effective and efficient. The delivery time is quick and with no headache. I only contacted the company once for the follow up.

zee painless hair removal 1

Great! If you really disturbed by your hairs on unwanted places then you need to get this product defiantly. It does not hurt at all and it exfoliates dead skin without “tearing” the skin: my legs are shaved and soft. My problem of unwanted hairs is now solved for ever.

zee painless hair removal 3

The ultimate solution for the removal of shitty hairs. I used it once in a week  and only half hour of use and it lowered me all the hair!!! Really strongly recommend the product this!!!! Only after it is necessary to put cream moisturizing!

zee painless hair removal 4

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  1. fatima

    it really works…


  2. shaza

    works well and very easy


  3. saif al kaabi

    got the item yesterday. tried and very useful. much better than the laser removers

    saif al kaabi

  4. kadeeja

    i saw the ad and bought this item. really thought its just a remover. but its really very easy to use and carry everywhere


  5. ahmed

    light and easy to carry. shaver really worth